Colin & Partners

Colin & Partners is a Legal Consulting firm which operates in the highly specialized, complex and dynamic field of IT law, dealing with the new technologies. Market challenges require companies and organizations to possess the ability to be aware of, manage and master Information and Communication Technology’s ever-changing tools and evolutionary innovation. Colin & Partners focus on giving assistance and advice, creating custom-fit action plans related to the IT challenges which today’s businesses face, as well as offering coaching and training programs.

Through Colin & Partners’ specialized expertise and experience gained over many years, as well as their in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of business and business relations, they are able to guarantee meeting their customers’ needs, thus enabling Top Management to focus on core business.

Do you have a goal? We can be the right partner to achieve it!
Our support will help you identify governance and normative critical states, analyze and resolve them, creating value for the business. Clear purposes and a reliable working method are our strengths.

Our training courses

Both divisions are independent organizational units, created to support strategic business activities and to manage Colin’s beneficial network of relationships with their stakeholders. The Think Factory Division is responsible for the creation, coordination and implementation of distinct educational paths for both companies and organizations, based on specific objectives.…

The events (In Italian language)

1 April

Firenze – La compliance delle imprese tra Regolamento Europeo e Direttiva NIS: gli impatti legali

Dalle 10.00 alle 14.00 Sede di Ti Forma via Giovanni Paisiello, 8 – Firenze Il seminario approfondisce gli elementi di contatto e continuità tra il…

10 April

Firenze – Audit Privacy: skills, metodologia e casi pratici

Dalle 10.00 alle 14.00 Sede di Ti Forma via Giovanni Paisiello, 8 – Firenze Il principio di Accountability impone ai Titolari del trattamento l’adozione di…

11 April

Roma – Convegno: GDPR e nuovo Codice Privacy (D. Lgs. n. 101/2018)

Dalle 9.00 alle 17.00 Marriott Grand Hotel Flora Via Vittorio Veneto, 191 Il testo del Decreto italiano di adeguamento al GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)…

17 April

Lucca – Seminario Cyber spazio e Cyber security

Dalle 9.30 alle 13.30 Polo Tecnologico Lucchese – Via della Chiesa XXXII, trav. I n.231 Sorbano del Giudice – Lucca Lo scopo del seminario organizzato…


The Team

Colin & Partners is a reality in which several professionals work together, prone to meet the needs of our clients’ business, and they are able to offer highly qualified skills and recognized professionalism which are the result of significant experiences in the consulting and legal field.

Our work is combined with our passion. We believe in the importance of creating a legal- organizational and informational mentality in order to best satisfy the needs of a changing market.


Colin & Partners participates and collaborates with several Associations to promote combined initiatives which have as their purpose the sharing of knowledge and the stimulation of a fruitful dialogue with the companies of sectors.