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About Us

Colin & Partners is a Legal Consulting Firm which operates in the highly specialized, complex and dynamic field of IT law, dealing with the new technologies. Market challenges require companies and organizations to possess the ability to be aware of, manage and master Information and Communication Technology’s ever-changing tools and evolutionary innovation.

Colin & Partners focus on giving assistance and advice, creating custom-fit action plans related to the IT challenges which today’s businesses face, as well as offering coaching and training programs.

Through Colin & Partners’ specialized expertise and experience gained over many years, as well as their in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of business and business relations, they are able to guarantee meeting their customers’ needs, thus enabling Top Management to focus on core business.

New technology issues are cross-cutting, affecting various business sectors and areas. Colin & Partners’ team consists of specialized experts who are highly qualified in dealing with these complex issues, thus enabling them to respond concretely and efficiently to the customers’ expressed needs.

Equally important, is the ability to prevent problems, as well as to exploit the opportunities that proper governance and regulatory compliance can guarantee. Colin & Partners’ synergy between IT and the legal field allows them to support the customer technically as well as legally, promoting the reciprocal exchange of views between the various business units with respect to the specific interlocutors, the peculiarities and needs of the business as well as the market in which it operates.

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Colin & Partners believe that everyone can contribute to creating a world in which technology plays an important role on a social level, as well as being a useful tool to its users, without becoming an obstacle or a damaging and detrimental tool on a legal level.

They strongly feel that IT-Law is an important means of global development for our society; capable of creating connections and permitting interaction within society, and between society and the Web-based networks; a tool that allows us to recognize potential; a tool that brings opportunities, benefits & growth.

Business cannot overlook the values from which it is generated. At Colin & Partners, diffusing “legal culture” in the era of digitization is first and foremost a passion, and then a job. They share their fascination and enthusiasm for technological progress with their clients. Therefore, it is important to them to help their clients clearly understand the computerization-related legal contexts in which they operate, and help them recognize that these contexts are a constructive tool that they can work with, rather than a sterile obligation.


It is a very exciting era that we live in, due to the constant and unstoppable progress that technology offers us. In view of this, the establishment of new rules and ways of thinking about the relationships between the individual and economic bodies, both in the private and public sectors, is indispensible.

Colin & Partners believe that one of civilization’s oldest tools, “law practice” could also be the most innovative instrument used to accompany the cultural, ethic and social changes to come within the next decades.

With change being inevitable, both public and private sectors require guidance and support on a legal level, to help them move with purpose and in an equilibrated manner; logically and efficiently, smoothly and gradually through the various phases of IT growth and development.


The value of a company is not only based on its products or services, but also on the people who work there, and on the wealth of knowledge which they possess and have gained.

Technology must be an instrument permitting balanced and satisfying growth and development.

Colin & Partners put people first; lending support to the Leaders within the company: CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s and HR Directors, in order to optimize business processes and internal organization; always keeping within regulations and norms in order to enhance ICT and develop a competitive business, with a high level of specialization.

Three parallel objectives enable Colin & Partners to realize their mission:

  • Protect the Customer by warning of problems which are of legal nature.
  • Assist them by helping to implement the advice provided with regards to corporate resources and procedures, with the intention of re-engineering internal organizational processes.
  • To Make strategic management of the business, in accordance with the principles laid down by regulatory compliance possible, thus improving the company’s reputation on the national and international market.


  • 2002

    The online network was founded on the initiative of the Lawyer Valentina Frediani in order to deal exclusively with Law of new technologies. Very soon it became a relevant online point of reference, inedited at that time, for those who wanted to understand and investigate these issues. The activities of the Consultants’ network grew and made use over time of many collaborations that increased skills and areas of intervention.

  • 2006

    The web site widened the competence fields and dealt, as well as privacy, contract law and IT law, also with digitization, dematerialization and substitutive registration.

  • 2008

    The extension and expansion of the professional horizons of knowledge, in areas hitherto little explored by the traditional jurisprudence, resulted in the signing of an important partnership with the company DI & P (today Colin & Partners) from which came a close cooperation on the issues of Law of new technologies. The training activity at companies and agencies completed the consulting offer.

  • 2009

    The current team of professionals emerged. The entrance into office of lawyer Alessandro Cecchetti enriched the value of the Legal Consulting Firm with his know-how, new skills and experiences giving a strong impulse to specific areas, such as privacy, contracts, surveillance and training. Since 2015, he is General Manager of Colin & Partners and coordinates the different working teams on single projects, participates in the definition of the strategic choices of the company, plans the activities for the Customers. Since May 2015, he is a member of the CDTI of Rome.

  • 2012

    The expansion of the company required a greater commitment about Communication and Marketing field. Valentina Pesi and Emanuela Pasino joined the team dealing with structuring and increasement of the Business Unit Communication, further confirmation of the desire to grow up on the organizational strategic plan and the purpose of creating a more structured corporate governance. The development of professional fields and skills went hand in hand with growth in terms of resources. The same year Marco Parretti joined the group of professionals supporting the Project Managers of different units.

  • 2013

    The administrative structure increased thanks to a new skilled resource, that is Fabio Magni, in support of the Administration and Purchase Unit. The company’s growth, in terms of resources, service offerings and business amount, provided the impulse to further investment in internal development. The purposes of the company are the continuous presence on national territory and, not least, the desire to agree about consolidation for partnership and business deals which were concluded locally. Thus it followed the opening of additional location, in Milan, since ever known as the heart of national business and bench mark for the most innovative projects and the most prestigious workgroups. In order to translate the organizational range of services provided and the extreme cross-disciplinary approach of the professionals, as well as the willingness to embrace a distinctly business-oriented vision, specific strategic business units rose, such as Privacy, Digitization, 231 and Computer Crime, Surveillance, and Communication Academy.

  • 2014

    The great experience in the markets of reference and a strong brand led the society to change its name to Colin (Consulente Legale Informatico) & Partners SRL, inclined to become a national reference point for highly specialized consulting services in the Italian market.

  • 2015

    In January Silvia Calissi joined the professional team. She became part of the Communication Academy Unit as operational support with the specific aim of assisting the development of a new offer on the formative plan, both in a classroom that through e-learning platform.

    Since 2015, the Lawyer Giulia Rizza has been part of Colin & Partners’ team, dealing with proceedings, contracts and legal opinions in the field of privacy and software, writing articles on the company blog and teaching in training courses.

    Since 2015 Arianna Masotti has been working for Colin & Partners, in the role of Corporate Secretary, supporting organizational processes, favoring the connection between business units and carrying out activities of coordination between the Executives and the resources. She is the reference person for questions of enforceability and operational, supporting the Management in the execution of tasks and the management of relationships with customers.

  • 2016

    In March 2016, Elisa Spettoli Caselli joined the Colin & Partners’ Team as a trainee, specifically in the BU Marketing and Communication, writing articles and supporting colleagues in the relationships with the Clients, partners and prospects. In July 2016 Edoardo Gabbrielli joined Colin & Partners, as part of the Business Unit Privacy and Protection of information. He provides support to the team of this business unit on issues connected to the matter and deals with writing articles and advices. Lawyer Lorenzo Colzi obtained a Master degree in Law in July 2012. In September 2016 he joined Colin & Partners, as part of the Business Unit Privacy and Protection of information.

  • 2017

    In March 2017 Yuri Monti joined the Colin & Partners’ Team, providing support to the Business Unit Intellectual Property and to the Business Unit Privacy, as well as writing articles on the company blog. Since April 2017, Simona Cerone has started her collaboration with Colin & Partners within the Business Unit Privacy and Data Protection, providing support to the Team also in cross topic projects as well as writing for the Company’s blog.

  • 2018

    From March 2018 Carla Rizzo joined the Colin & Partners’ Team, in the role of operational support to the Secretary, She deals with the executive activities of this division and the management of the needs of the infrastructure, providing for the performance of external commissions.

    Also from March of the same year, Chiara Giubbani joined Colin & Partners to support the Privacy and Information Protection Business Unit.

    From October 2018 Vittoria Basilavecchia became part of the Colin & Partners’ team, joining the Intellectual Property Business Unit.