business_15205557_xxlColin & Partners consulting business focuses heavily on law, related to the new technologies. It does however also include aspects of governance and the re-structuring of internal processes, as well as giving legal support in dealing with conflicts when necessary.

The Company is divided into five business units:
PRIVACY AND PROTECTION OF INFORMATION, 231; connected to COMPUTER CRIMES, DIGITIZATION, LAWS OF THE NEW TECHNOLOGIES and VIDEO SURVEILLANCE. These business units are Colin’s main area of focus and are highly interconnected.

Colin & Partner’s team of expert’s strategic support is characterized by the fact that it is completely transversal; it aims to promote the optimization of business while at the same time responding to the specific needs of the company’s management.

The high level of customization, flexibility with respect to specific processes, and the capacity to enter into the existing business dynamics, consent optimal integration of services offered by Colin with the diversified business realities (both in the private and public sectors). The resulting benefit equals growth and development in terms of competitiveness, regulatory compliance and corporate governance.